Bundesliga Golf Cup on 08.07.2023 in Paderborn

For the fourth time, we are the official main sponsor of the Bundesliga Golf Cup in Paderborn on July 8, 2023. Outside the stadiums, this event offers a platform for business and sports to get into conversation together. In addition to organizer Jens Karluß, moderator Diethelm Straube will lead through the evening and network entrepreneurs, sponsors and business partners in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is expected that next year we will again host a qualifying tournament as part of our BCMC Golf Cup. The exact date will be announced shortly.

VC Olympia Dresden

Volleyball in Germany is hardly imaginable without Dresden as a location. The Dresdner SC has been the flagship in women's volleyball for years. Its successes would also be inconceivable without the training of young talent at the national base. For three years now, we have been supporting the young talents in women's volleyball at VC Olympia Dresden and are proud to be able to accompany so many talented players on their way to professional sports. Our commitment is reflected not only in financial support, but also on a creative level. For example, an exclusive layout for posters, autograph cards and social media was developed for the women's volleyball players in the 2nd Bundesliga Süd.